AAA Triple A® Ankle replacement

Patients with severe arthritis in their ankles have lost the articular cartilage in the ankle that provides for an almost frictionless, painless rotation and gliding of the ankle joint. This usually is the result of trauma (breaking their ankle) or an inflammatory disease. When that cartilage is lost, movement or weight bearing on the ankle produces pain. The choices of treatment include medication, bracing, and surgery. The surgical choices are to cut the leg bone and realign it if it is crooked in order to shift the weight to the remaining good cartilage, fuse the ankle (lock the ankle bones together), or replace the ankle with metal and plastic. In most designs the application of a Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) is limited to patients who have still , the ability to move their foot in all directions without weakness, no infection of their ankle, no widespread areas of dead bone (the bone needs to grow into the prosthesis), normal or reconstructable lateral ligaments, good medial stability, and no severe deformity. The AAA Triple A® Ankle Replacement was designed to expand the indication to patients with less optimal conditions.
New 3-part prostheses and with metal that allows the bone to grow into it can now provide middle-aged and older patients with ankle arthritis considerable pain relief without sacrificing motion.

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